Halsteads at the Whitby School

Thanks to the donation of the picture and information below by Dee Wheaton (Author of The Whitby Halsteads), we now have a picture of Charles and Goldie Halstead (note arrows above their heads to the right in the back row) standing in front of the Whitby School in the early 1900's. According to Dee: The teacher in front center was Miss Daisy Lilly. This is also at a location known as the ever flowing well. Charles and Goldie were grandchildren of Alexander Halstead: One of the first Halsteads in Raleigh County.

This picture is very important to Whitby due to the fact that almost all of Whitby was made up of land from the Halstead farm. I will be doing more research on the Halstead Cemetery as well after my visit to Whitby.

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