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Data Sources for history on this web site

The Raleigh County Rootsweb folk!
Thanks to the Shuck Family and their memories!
Thanks to the Garten Family and their memories! God Bless you Ivory Garten
Thanks to JD and Kenneth Bragg!
Thanks to Shelby Lee Adams and his incredible eye for photography!
Thanks to the Shanks Family and their memories! God Bless you Paul and Wilma
Thanks to Fred Grubbs and the Grubbs family!
Thanks to Drema Finn and the Crawford family for their contributions on Cool Ridge!
Thanks to the Tom Salmon and his research at the Norfolk and Western Archives!
Thanks to Jackie Dedman and her artwork of Whitby!
Thanks to the Sisk Family and their memories of Whitby as well as Whitby track information! God Bless you Jack and Ray.
Thanks to the Saye Family and the Whitby mine information!
Thanks to Maptech and their permission to use the topo maps of the Winding Gulf Area
Pauline Haga's book, Historical Footprints, Vol . 1. Postal records for Raleigh County localities are here. Pauline has been invaluable for her help with contacting people. Please see her books on Tribute to the Coal Miner.
Microfilm ID M841 Record Group RG028 . Title Record of Appointments of Postmasters, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971. U.S. Postal Service Archives located in the National Archives in Washington D.C.
My Mom (formerly Corinne Bowling), Aunt Mer (formerly Mervin Bowling), Grandma (Margaret Bowling), Paula Haga, Bob and Patti Duncan, Betty Powell (formerly Betty Jane Warden), Mabel Bolen and others
Nicholas A Thompson Jr. Special thanks!

Chris and Lisa for their wonderful site including Whitby and the Winding Gulf Region!
Thanks to Nyla CREED DePauk! See her listings of other Raleigh County sites here
Jeff Miller has THE BEST site on Beckley here He was also very helpful.
Thanks to Mary Legg Stevenson - "From Affinity to Winding Gulf" Quarrier Press, Charleston, WV. and "Coal Towns of West Virginia Vol.2" additionally, Vol2 of The Coal Mining Towns of WV is a must see!
Thanks to Ginny Lilly and her incredible photos of all of Whitby
Thanks to anybody I have yet to mention!
Thanks to ALL who made the Take In Hollow Page happen!
Thanks to the McBride Family association!
Thanks to Lacy Lilly!
Thanks to Chris and Sandra Law for mailing me the Tipple photo
Thanks to Ken Ashton at the West Virginia Geological Survey!
Thanks to Jim Wilson for the Recollection on the Memory page!
Thanks to Mabel Bolen for further photos and information!
Thanks to Vadine Monroe and her Mom for their memories of Willabet!
Thanks to JR Vied for Willabet and Fireco information!
Thanks to all members of the McBride and Cadle families! God Bless all of you.
Thanks to Dee Wheaton and her knowledge of the Halstead Family!
Thanks to Bonnie Hicks and!
Thanks to Mary Harris and her knowledge of the McBride familiy!
Thanks to Donna Harvey and her feedback on the Crawfords!
Thanks to the Faculty of Whitby Elementary!
Thanks to April Coleman and her feedback on the current Whitby!
Thanks to Wade Halsey and Linda Fleshman for their memories about Church at Whitby and Pemberton!
Thanks to Sherri Lowe for her pics of the Whitby Elementary School Interior with Mrs Garten and Mrs Fink!
Thanks to Aubrey Wiley and his Virginian Railway Calendar featuring Whitby WV!
Thanks to the Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group!! You are all AWESOME
Thanks to the Steve Lester and his pics inside the mines at Whitby!
Thanks to the Fix Family!
Thanks to the Cox Family!
Thanks to the Clifford Warden and ringing the Whitby church bell in July of 2007!
Thanks to Zelda Porter!
Thanks to Stoco Communities Reunion!
Thanks to the total stranger who drove me to the Hot Coal cemetery in Sophia!
Thanks to Kepple Bolen for keeping the church at Whitby open for us to meet in!
Thanks to miners and their families that created this town and gave everything of their hearts and minds in the mines!

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