Whitby Town view in the early 1950's

Thanks to the donation of the picture below by Mabel Bolen, we now have a view of one of what was called the "apartment building" at Whitby as well as the tipple facility to the upper right. I have finally been able to place this photo in the early 1950's as the Tipple facility has not burned down and the facility in the picture was updated in ~1954. NOTE: A table with all related Whitby WV Tipple links has been provided below

After speaking with Nick Thompson and Jack Sisk, the photo can also be dated due to the roads in this picture. Whitby today has roads that proceed straight through the middle of the Camp. (Fink Street is the best example of this). These straight roads did not get cut until ~1952. They are NOT in this picture. The hill at the Fink house still exists. However, the "hill" below was part of a switchback for a road that allowed folks to go through the camp. Once the streets were cut to be straight through the Whitby Camp, all that remained was the hill (remains of the switchback). There is now a map available of Whitby BEFORE the roads were recut in the table of links below. I will be researching this further and welcome any update on this. Thanks again to Bob and Ginny Lilly, Nick Thompson, JD Bragg, Kenneth Bragg and Jack Sisk for updates on this photo.

Bob Duncan was again kind enough to further clarify what we can see below: "There is a lot to be said about this picture. First the white looking building above the (Apartment building,multi story house in the center) was the shop. Behind it you can barely see another building, that was the bath house. If you look at the Tipple (upper right), on this side, there is a long building, this was the car garage. In the background you can see fields on the mountain side, this is where my grandparents lived. (Isom and Lottie Goss). On the upper left of the picture you can see the Halstead Cemetery. Boy has things really changed down through the years. This looked a lot like Whitby when I was a boy"

Further additions have been added to the picture below. Thanks to Bob Saye and Bob and Ginny Lilly for providing this further information.

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